GTS - Gas Training Solutions

A training and assessment course for engineers who install, service, maintain and repair LPG appliances in leisure accommodation vehicles (caravans).


On successful completion, the engineer will be awarded a certificate of competence for:


   Leisure accommodation vehicles (LAV)


To be eligible to take this assessment, and work on LPG appliances in leisure accommodation vehicles, candidates need to hold appropriate core and appliance assessments e.g.:


  Domestic  core gas safety (CCN1)

  Natural gas to liquefied petroleum gas changeover (CONGLP1)

  Cookers (CKR1)

  Closed flue fires (HTRLP2)

Duration - Initial:
1 day
Duration - Re-assessment:
½ day
Other Information:

Course attendees will be provided with  training notes, lunch and complimentary refreshments